This screen lists all services created in your account. A service (also called a campaign) can have one or more keywords as well as one or more subscribers. Campaigns are used to segment your marketing campaigns based on the keywords.


Explanation of Available Columns and Actions

Name The name of the service. Click on it to list and manage keywords and responses

Type Type of the service

Subscribers Number of subscribers in the service. Click on the number to see the list of subscribers.

Username (Available to administrators only) Username of the user who manages the service.

Messages - View Create a list of all messages sent by subscribers in the corresponding service

Reports Hover over the report icon to show the report name. Click on the report icon to create the corresponding report. You can then export the list of subscribers in Excel or CSV format. Similarly, a summary report will create a diagram showing messages grouped by message type (opt-in, opt-out, help...)

Action - Send SMS Click on the button in the desired row to send SMS message to a group of subscribers in a service.

Action - Manage Groups Click on the icon to manage groups of participants. For example, over the course of your campaign you might have received 1500 responses from 1500 participants. If the service was of Subscription type, your account recorded the participants' phone numbers with this service. They are stored in a default group called ALL. You can also segment the participants into smaller groups using this function.

Action - Select Winners Available for Text 2 Win services. Click on the icon to stop the service and announce winners. Upon completion, you can also send text messages to the winner(s) of the campaign.

Action - Edit Click to edit the name of the service

Action - Delete Delete the service - please note that you must first delete all keywords